Wells Fargo Vs. Bank Of America: which is best?

Both the banks have several atms and apps, and They essentially provide all financial services under one roof, including a range of checking

and savings accounts, mortgages for homes and cars, credit cards, CDs, and investment opportunities.

But despite their numerous similarities, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are not the same. These facts can sway you if you're confused between the two banks.

which is better between the two?

well fargo definitely has more banks, The ATM network is larger with Bank of America. Bank of America does not provide personal loans or credit lines;

Wells Fargo does. Bank of America has an advantage when it comes to investments and savings because

it provides a greater selection of CDs and better interest rates on savings accounts with higher balances.

initial deposit: 25$ for Wells Fargo Everyday Checking, $100 for Bank of America Monthly fee: $10 for Wells Fargo Everyday Checking, $12 for bank of america Min. balance: $500 for wells fargo, $1,500 for bank of america

Now lets take a look at pros and cons of both banks pros and cons of wells fargo

Pros additional branches, lower costs, Less strict no-fee balance requirements cons fewer ATMs, fewer methods to avoid monthly charges, No matter the balance, all savings accounts have a low-interest rate.

pros and cons of the bank of America Pros extra ATMs, There are many ways to avoid monthly account fees., greater interest rates on savings balances Cons less branches, increased monthly fees, Higher requirements for no-fee balances