3 best programming languages for web development



Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one of the best backend language for web dev. This is also an open source programming language and it is free to use.

PHP language is used in 78% of all websites on internet which means 8/10 websites use it Php language is easy to use, stable, simple, secure & platform independent. Because of this popular websites like WordPress, wix, open Cart, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc use php

2. Javascript

javascript is used in  both frontend & backend. & this is most used programming language by developers. 12.4 million developers use this language & because of its popularity 97% of websites use it in front end

JavaScript is popular because it is compatible with different browsers, it adds special effects on web pages, etc. Many websites like Google Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc use JavaScript

3. Java

Java is a backend language for web dev & the fact is 50 million websites use Java. Java is a good for backend because this language has OOPs concept, it is secured language, platform independent, simple & easy to learn, etc Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter & LinkedIn use Java

There are other languages like python, HTML & CSS, c/c++, which are good for web dev & you can learn more about them by reading my article clicking the button below