How to become a software engineer after 10th & 12th?

1. choose Maths, physics and chemistry as your important subjects after your 10th and prepare for engineering enterance exams

2. Select computer science engineering or information technology engineering after 12th in your under graduation and get admission in top engineering colleges with entrance exams like JEE or BITSAT

3. Learn/practice programming languages everyday, you can learn them online through Youtube videos, reading articles, and from Udemy, Java or python is any one language you can learn for best jobs.

4. Choose your specialization in software engineering like web development, app development, system administrator, cyber security analyst and many more to keep yourself focused and reduce competition

5. Get an internship and gain real world skills, experience, after working in many small companies and build your portfolio, get your job in top tech companies with better skills and more experience

6. Get job in top tech companies or become a freelancer or start your own tech startup like web development agency or app development business, etc to make more money instead of working as an employee