should I get a second credit card?

It appears that having two credit cards may be preferable to just one. Getting a second card can help you earn rewards points or reduce your interest costs.

Additionally, it can offer a specific perk that your current card is missing or give you a small amount of money back each month.

Why You Should Apply for a Second Credit Card 1. Your Credit Score Has Improved 2. You Want Better Rewards

3. You’re Carrying High-Interest Debt 4. You Want a Backup Card

Why You Shouldn't Get a Second Credit Card 1. Your credit card debt is already causing you problems.

2. You're Considering Getting a Mortgage or Loan Soon

The Qualities of a Second Credit Card 1. good welcome bonus 2. cash backs and reward points 3. No annual fees

4. A low APR By reducing your credit use ratio, using a second credit card can improve your credit score.