RV Checklist for Successful Travel

Inside RV checklist -Ensure that every cabinet is shut. -If the TV is on a moveable arm, make sure it is locked in place.

-empty trash bins. -Close the lid after flushing. -Verify that all ceiling vents are shut. -Verify that all of the lights are off. -Switch off the water pump and heater.

-Remove everything that isn't anchored to the counters (in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms). -Ensure the freezer door is securely closed. -Ensure the refrigerator door is securely closed. -Install a WiFi antenna or a TV/satellite antenna.

-Before bringing in the slide-out, clean the rig's floor (s). -Verify that there is nothing blocking the slide-out from coming in by looking behind it.

Outside RV checklist -If necessary, fill the freshwater tank. -Outside of sight, tidy up and put everything away. -Make sure the fire pit is extinguished; if necessary, use water.

-Ensure that all waste is collected and placed in trash bags (not firepit). -Store and protect the awning. -stow the fresh water hose away. -Black tank, empty it. -Grey tank: empty it. -Remove the connectors and sewer hose.

-Disconnect the 30/50 amp breaker. -Plug the cord out, then store it. -Install and secure the stabilizers or jacks.

-Verify the trailer or rig's turn signals and break lights. -Verify the condition and pressure of your tires. -Leave the levelers alone. -All levelers and chocks should be stored. -Lock and latch every bay door.

checklist for campground setup -Get a map of the campsite, then ask the check-in staff how to get to your site. -Drive to the location.

-To start bringing the rig to the location, call the driver. Unhook the tow vehicle first if you are in a driveable situation. -Take your time and perform several checks before you back in or pull into a location to avoid hitting anything.

-Install trailer or fifth-wheel stabilizers. -Make sure the pedestal's 30/50 amp breaker is off. -Turn on the beaker after plugging your surge protector into the pedestal and the cord into it.

-Connect an inline water filter to the water spigot at the campsite. -Connect an inline water filter to a freshwater house.