online banking security measures

1. Choose Strong and Unique Passwords, use an online password generator

2. start using Two-Factor Authentication

3. Just avoid public wifi

4. Sign Up for Banking Alerts, Any action that may be fraudulent or questionable related to your accounts like failed login attempt or transaction is immediately alerted to you.

5. Check reviews, ratings, and developer details and only download apps from the play store or app store if you are using any financial apps to make payments, avoid APK apps, and check the permissions the app is asking to work and disable unnecessary permissions

6. Watch Out for Phishing Scams, For instance, you might receive an email claiming to be from your bank informing you that you need to check in and update your information.

When you click the link, a fake website seems to be the one you are logging into. Alternatively, visiting a link could download tracking spyware to your machine, enabling keystroke logging by identity thieves.

Using a secured Wi-Fi connection to use your bank's official online or mobile banking application is the safest way to do online banking.

You may be more susceptible to cyberattacks if you conduct banking via unprotected Wi-Fi or through untrusted or unverified apps.