North Carolina versus South Carolina which is the best?

If you are confused between choosing North Carolina versus South then in this story we will look at different factors to decide which one should you choose,

1. Cost of living-even though the cost of living of North Carolina is lower than National average but it is above the cost of living of south

2. Population-with the latest date of 2019, there are 10 million people living in North versus 5 million in south Carolina

3. Education facility-because of population difference between both States, there are more schools and higher graduation rate in North compared to South Carolina

4. Lakes, mountains, and parks- you can have better mountains, parks in North Carolina, and both States have amazing lakes.

5. Beaches-because South is located more near to coastal region so it has better beaches

6. Taxes-there is no such big difference between taxes in two States because South has 48th highest tax in the country where as North has 32nd highest

7. Job opportunities-both North and South have amazing industries and restaurants but you can have better jobs in North

So these are some important factors we have considered and in our opinion there is no right or wrong answers,

you should choose the state depending up on your interest and need but in our opinion North has better advantage then south