How to pay for medical school in USA

1. Look for and get financial aid first in your universities like need-based or merit-based aid

2. explore scholarships and also apply for grants like pell grant and apply for FAFSA application, and use websites like and American medical colleges and find out scholarships

3. Get federal student loans through FAFSA and get direct unsubsidized loans and direct PLUS loans, you can also apply for private loans from banks or online lenders but it depends on your credit score

4. Find some work during your education like a service program and earn money to meet your education expenses costs

5. You can also consider loan forgiveness which is a federal program that forgives your federal loans if you are working under any nonprofit employer like full-time in the military, or any nonprofit organization, some of your debt can be forgiven.

6. Last but not least you can also apply to colleges that don't have any huge tuition fees so you don't have to pay a lot of money for education like new york university and Cornell university, etc

this is how you can pay for medical school fees in USA