7 reasons Why you should become a lawyer

1. Get a high paying job

According to bls, the average salary of a lawyer is 127000$ USD per annum and in india the average salary of lawyer in india is 25-30 lakh rupees per annum

2. Growing demand and bright future

Another big advantage of being a lawyer is that there is a growing demand of lawyers and according to BLS the growth rate of lawyers is 9 percent between 2020-2030

3. Know your legal rights

Another thing about being a lawyer is that you can get to know your legal rights and stop getting fooled by other people and businesses and stop getting exploited by big brands

4. Wide career

Another thing about being a lawyer is that you can have a wide career options like you can choose whether you want to become a corporate, criminal, immigration, family and many more categories of lawyer professions depending upon your interest and convenience

5. Job satisfaction

You can also have a lot of job satisfaction and happiness of being a lawyer, the average job satisfaction of lawyers is around 4.2 out of 5