How to Use Bixby Routines to Increase the Charging Speed on Your Samsung Phone

Simply reducing the strain placed on your battery will enhance charging speed, and the fastest way to achieve that is to (temporarily) stop using power from the devices that are now consuming it. With Bixby Routines, you can execute this automatically.

select "Settings" > "Advanced features" > "Bixby Routines" Include routine. Select Charging status > Charging > Done from the If panel. This enables Bixby to recognize when your phone is charging so that it may take action without your involvement.

Select these options from the menus after tapping the Then panel: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, mobile data, and mobile hotspot should all be disabled; turn Airplane mode on. Display: Set Motion smoothness to Standard, enable Dark mode, disable Edge panels, and set Screen timeout to 15 seconds (60 Hz) Location: switch it off Turn off Auto sync for accounts and backup. turn on power saving for the battery After selecting this routine's icon and color, give it a name by tapping Next. To complete, tap Done.

Now your routine is established. Please connect your phone now. Bixby will undo all of these actions when the routine ends, which happens after a while, so you may resume using your phone normally.

Protect Your Battery Factors including your phone's age, CPU efficiency, and temperature may also have an impact on how quickly it charges. Avoid wireless charging at all costs because it is incredibly inefficient, and avoid charging your cellphone all the way up because that accelerates battery deterioration.

Fast charging is quite handy, but you won't be able to fully utilize it if your phone is running power-hungry applications and draining the battery in the interim.

You may program your device to immediately end running programs as soon as your phone is plugged in using Bixby Routines. Your phone will run cooler and be able to charge and maintain a charge more quickly if it isn't working as hard when charging.