how to setup an LLC in USA

1.  Select a company name.

2. Select a Registered Agent- On behalf of the LLC, a registered agent accepts official or legal papers (such as subpoenas). The registered agent will then deliver these documents to the LLC's managing member after they are received.

3. Obtain a Copy of the LLC Article of Organization Form for Your State-You must submit paperwork to the state office that handles company filings in your state in order to create your LLC as a legal entity.

4. Complete the Articles of Organization for an LLC. You will need to supply the following basic information: Your company name The location of your main place of business The mission of the company How your LLC will be run The registered agent's contact information (and, in some cases, the agent's signature) The time frame for the LLC One or more business owners or organizers must sign the form after that is finished.

5. Submit the articles of incorporation

6. Build an operating contract- The specifics of each LLC member's financial, legal, and managerial rights are outlined in the operating agreement. More specifically, it can cover who contributes cash to the firm, how members leave the LLC, and how earnings will be shared.

7. now you get the LLC and keep it active