how to prepare for RV living? 10 tips

1. Set a Date for the journey

2. create a To-Do List, and do some planning and research before, getting an RV insurance

3. Get some knowledge about your RV, how to fix some issues in RV, read the RV manuals

4. Make things simple, know what is your goal for RV living, how long you want to live in RV like time period

5. Get your necessities like clothes, kitchen tools, dishes, decoration

6. Join some RVing clubs for some support and guidance in your journey with some premium membership fee like Escapees RV Club

7. Do some trial and testing which can assist you in determining what you must bring with you and what you may safely discard.

8. Keep open communication with your family and friends before you move to maintain relationships healthily and long

9. Always prepare for the worst situation like bad weather, bad road, bad RV repair, or any condition, create an emergency plan because prevention is better than cure

10. Just enjoy your journey and get started!