You can ride the Mechbird, a remarkably swift and adaptable mount, in Tower of Fantasy. The Mechbird follows the general trend of mounts in that its head, torso, core, and legs must all be linked together manually before it can be employed. The Mechbird Head is exceptionally simple to obtain, but it is only available while supplies last.

How to earn the Mechbird Head

The Road of Strife event on Tower of Fantasy is the only way to earn the Mechbird Head as an optional prize. Players participate in a series of challenges during this event, which lasts from September 1 to September 15, to earn Star Grit, an exclusive event currency.

This Star Grit may only be used to purchase items from the Aidan Black Market, the event's store in-game.

The objectives and degree of difficulty of the challenges presented in Road of Strife change from week to week. Group PvM is presented in the form of multiplayer boss rushes, bomb defusal events, and battery-powered recharge towers during the first week, Stellarway Divergence.

Competitive challenges in mount racing on land and PvP warfare are presented during the second week, which is divided into Orienteering and the Doubles Mega Arena.

Within this shop, the Mechbird Head is offered for sale, costing 1,000 Star Grits.

However, the daily earning limit is 1,200 Star Grit. This implies that you must continue participating in the event and earning as much daily Star Grit as you can in order to obtain the other three pieces of the Mechbird.