10 reasons getting Harvard degree is good & worth it

1. Harvard offers more than 3700 courses, education programs for students including medical, sciences, engineering, arts, and commerce branches

2. Harvard is located near the river Charles and the location is very good as it is located in Cambridge, whether is really good on campus

3. Harvard has great faculty, Many teachers of Harvard are Nobel laureates and also won many awards and prizes and the interaction between professors and students is beyond the classroom

4. Harvard also offers scholarships and financial aid based upon the assets and family income of the student as a matter of fact one out of five students study in Harvard without paying a single penny

5. Harvard is also one of the top five best universities in the world and also ranks among the top universities for engineering and other education in global stage and of course it is the oldest university in America

6. 85000 dollars is the average package of engineering students & many students earn more than $100,000 per annum graduating from Harvard with computer science degree and also get placed in top tech companies

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