Most knowledge you will be taught is outdated & the syllabus has not been updated since a couple of decades but the world & technology is changing so fast & rapidly every year

Outdated syllabus



Lack of good professors

Majority of the professors in colleges are not really interested nor excited to teach the subject & concept to the students

More emphasis on marks

The college's give more Emphasis & importance towards scoring good marks & getting good grades instead of concept learning & real-life applications of knowledge


Approximately 15 lakh students graduate from engineering colleges in India every year which show that there are more engineers in India but the jobs are not so high in number because of that there is extreme competition, many students choose engineering because of lack of career guidance and herd mentality

Mismatch of demand and supply


Because colleges focus more on scoring marks & completing many number assignments on time and there is also 75% attendance rate so the students cannot develop other skills such as communication skills and other hard skills like coding or digital marketing due to less time


lack of skills