Camp Chef vs Traeger

All Traeger grills come with Wi-Fi. While some less costly versions, such as the DLX 24, lack WiFi, Camp Chef provides it on the more expensive Woodwind.

The Traeger series does not provide any direct searing choices, whereas Camp Chef offers the SideKick as an optional grilling accessory.

Traeger only offers smoke control on the more expensive Ironwood or Timberline series, but Camp Chef offers it on all models with the Gen 2 PID controller.

While Traeger is popular, Camp Chef's service is well-regarded. While Traeger's service is more inconsistent, Camp Chef's service is well-recognized and consistent.

You may spend up to $3799.99 on a Timberline XL but the largest Woodwind 36 with SideKick Sear in the Camp Chef range has a maximum price of $1499.99. Let's compare both.

warranty There isn't much to pick between the Traeger Pro 575 and the SmokePRO DLX there as they both have a three-year guarantee.

Temperature control Unfortunately, the Pro WiFire Controller on the Traeger Pro 575 has earned a bad reputation for being unable to maintain a constant temperature. the Pro Controller's advertised temperature range is +/- 10o F. The Camp Chef temperature controllers have a +/- 10° F range 

Pellet hopper volume There isn't much room to select between the two versions because they both hold 18 pounds, but the Traeger Pro 575 has the advantage of using their new Pro D2 Direct Drive.

Consumer assistance Both Camp Chef and Traeger are known for providing top-notch customer service. Both companies have US-based customer service departments, with Camp Chef situated in Cache Valley, Utah, and Traeger in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

Appearance Given how similar the designs of the SmokePRO DLX and Pro 575 are, there isn't much to choose from in terms of looks.

WiFi and app usage Both the Woodwind and Pro can be WiFi connected and managed using an app.

Unique characteristics Pellet grills are frequently criticized for not heating up hot enough to effectively sear meat. That problem has been solved by Camp Chef with the SmokePro BBQ Sear Box.