Biden turns 80 as speculation about a reelection campaign rages.

As the nation's first octogenarian-in-chief, Biden is already the country's oldest president. However, neither he nor the White House have been particularly anxious to draw attention to this historical fact as Biden considers seeking reelection.

"Even my future age is unknown to me. I can't even say it out loud "In an interview with MSNBC late last month, Biden made jokes.

In honour of the president's birthday, First Lady Jill Biden hosted a brunch on Sunday for the president and other family members, according to the White House.

After the midterm elections, Biden is arguably in a stronger political position than any other modern Democratic president. In the midterm elections on November 8, his party outperformed expectations, keeping control of the Senate and avoiding significant losses in the House.

But despite the momentum, there are still some doubts about Biden's candidacy.

According to polls, many Americans are apprehensive about choosing the country's first 80-year-old president again. Some Democrats in Congress have even urged Biden not to run again so that the next generation may take over.

Assuming he serves the full four years, Biden would be 82 when he is sworn in for a second term and 86 when he leaves if he runs and wins. He has repeatedly stated his intention to do so. In that case, he would be almost ten years older than Ronald Reagan was when he left the political scene.