6 Best Low-Interest Student Loans in USA

1. Ascent, 5 star rating, Undergraduate Fixed APR 3.22% to 13.09%*

2. Federal Direct Subsidized Loans, 5 star rating, 4.99% fixed APR

3. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans, 5 star rating, Fixed APR 4.99% (UG) or 6.54% (PG) students

4. SoFi, 5 star rating, Fixed APR 3.50% to 13.35%

5. Discover, 4 star rating, Fixed APR 4.99% to 13.99%

6. College Ave, 4-star rating, Fixed APR 3.24% to 13.95%

Federal student loans provide the same fixed rate to every borrower regardless of credit history. That’s one of their biggest advantages. It’s always best to take out the maximum amount of federal student loans you qualify for before turning your attention to private student loans.