5 reasons to learn app development

1. High demand of mobile apps

Mobile App Downloads Up by 23.3% Since the COVID-19 Pandemic and the mobile app downloads is expected to grow by 45%, there will be roughly 7 billion mobile users worldwide by 2021

2. wide career

You can have wide job opportunities after you become app developer like Mobile Architect, Mobile Application Developer, Android Developer, iOS developer, Android Engineer, and software developer, etc.

3. Easy to learn app development

App dev is easy to learn because of java, java is high level language, simple, & it is best languages for android app dev, apps like Spotify, Opera mini, etc on Play store built on it, & Java was the official language for Android app dev.

4. Easy to get started

To build an Android app, you need to register yourself as a developer, create your APK (Android Package Kit), & submit it to the Android mobile application development platform, three days is the standard time for a mobile app to be reviewed & approved on Google Play Store.

5.  Start a business

Once you’ve gained the skills, You can create any app like gaming app or any entertainment app & charge fees as license to use the app and make money  passively apart from working for a company

These are all the reasons to learn App dev, for more info, read my article on 15 reasons to become an app dev by clicking the button below