A complete RV setup checklist

- the exterior of the RV Check level If necessary, level side to side Check your tires Place support blocks under stabilizing jack

Unhook your trailer Manually level trailer front to back or engage leveling system Connect surge protector and power cord Connect water regulator and hose Connect sewer hose if sewer is available

- Interior of the RV Extend any slide-outs Turn on the refrigerator Turn on heat/air if needed Light pilot light for the oven Turn on water heater Unpack secured items

- departure checklist - Interior of the RV Turn off AC/heat Turn off the water heater and pump Leave enough water in toilet to make a seal, but not so much that it will splash out of the bowl when you drive

Switch refrigerator to in-transit power source Secure refrigerator bars Assure all lights, radios, and TV are off

Close and secure roof vents Lower TV antenna Secure and lock windows Secure all loose objects

Secure and lock all cabinet doors and drawers Make sure the oven pilot light is off Close slide outs

- Exterior of the RV Retract and secure the awning Make sure all outside gear (tables, rugs, solar suitcases, satellite dishes, etc.) are stored away properly Disconnect, drain, rinse, and store all hoses Unplug shore power cords and adapters

Turn off propane Stow entry steps Retract stabilizing jacks Hitch up to the vehicle Attach break-away switch Attach safety chains

Attach weight distribution Plug-in 7-pin trailer plug to the tow vehicle Remove and stow leveling blocks Remove and stow wheel chocks