8 Things to know before moving to Florida

1. The state of Florida does not have any income tax so you can save a lot of money instead of giving it to the government in form of tax

2. Cost of living in Florida is actually 1% lower than the national average but still it is quite affordable to live in Florida yet it depends upon the city you live in

3. The state also has a great education system and there are both public and private institutions and more than 3 million students have enrolled in these schools

4. Florida is an international destination for many people so the culture and society are very diverse, You can experience the diversity in food museums galleries, and events

5. There are also lots of unique wild animals like alligators ants sharks snakes wild boars Florida panthers jellyfish etc which are present in Florida

6. Florida has a rich history as it was once a colony of British and Spain, It also has amazing restaurants and great food

7. The weather and climate are also very warm and sunny in Florida, the average daily temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit which is really good and pleasant especially during the winter because there's not a lot of snowfall in Florida

8. Florida has a huge coastline so there are lots of amazing beaches that you can visit and enjoy