8 reasons to move to Tennessee

1. You don't have to pay income tax living in Tennessee and it also you have the lowest property taxes in the state

2. No income tax and no property tax leads to the affordable cost of living in the state

3. The hospitals and medical facilities are excellent and top-notch

4. It is the best place for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers because you can find amazing smoky mountains in the state, hiking trails, waterfalls, scenic drives, camping sites, etc are present

5. You can also find some amazing music Scenes in the state

6. Even the economy of the state is growing and you can find amazing job opportunities in the state as well

7. You can also find some amazing food and restaurants to eat at in the state

8. There are also lots of world-class universities like the University of Memphis, Maryville University, and University of Tennessee  present in the state