8 best Yosemite park Travel Tips

1. You can get the pass of yosemite that costs 70$ annualy to visit the park without paying repeatedly

2. You can get into yosemite with military park pass if you are into military

3. You should try to plan your trip in advance

4. You can stay both inside and outside the park but it is recommended that you stay inside and there are many camp grounds and RV camping in Yosemite, there are also Airbnb rentals and hotels to stay outside

5. The National Park is huge and massive as it is spread over 1200 square miles, a place called the valley is the most popular spot in the National Park

6. There are plenty of dining options inside the park and there are food courts restaurants, to eat food and you can also get groceries and supplies with yourself if you want to make your own meal inside the park

7. You should be aware that it is a forest and there are bears dears and other wildlife animals so make sure that you keep your distance from them

8. Make sure you have the following things in your backpack which are lots of bottles of water, very comfortable clothes and shoes and water

shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen umbrellas map of the park, some snacks and some gear, your camera and binoculars and many more