7 things to know before buying an RV

1. Buy an RV from well know and reliable brands like Jayco

2. do an inspection of the exterior of the RV like windows, walls, and doors

3. also check the interior of the RV for built quality and strength like bathroom and kitchen

4. look for space to store your RV when you are not traveling in your RV before you get one like RV parking facility or in your home

5. Understand your needs and type like if you want class A, B, C depending on your family size, if you want to travel full time or normal, budget, etc

6. make sure the RV floor should be water-resistant, durable, and lightweight during the inspection.

7. buy The RV at best time like when a new RV model is released, or when gas prices are high, check this story to learn when is the best time to buy an RV