7 reasons full-time RVing is not good

A person who lives in an RV full-time means they use it as their primary residence.

While residing in an RV, some people do not move. They always stay at the same campsite where they have an annual spot.

so the reasons to avoid full time RVing are, 1. campgrounds and parks are getting very crowded

2. You will most frequently have to fix things like water leaks or toilet issues in RV even in the top RV brands

3. Getting an RV is actually very expensive on top of that fuel prices, traveling expenses, and another cost a lot

4. at the end of the day RVing is like traveling to different places and traveling is unpredictable like RV issues, accidents, natural disasters

5. Fulltime RVing is actually very lonely as you are mostly alone during days and nights away from friends and family

6. There is not a lot of storage in RV and RV is kind of tiny

7. Last but not least the data, wifi, and internet are also not very accessible in RV