7 amazing Benefits of joining Ivy League colleges

1. Powerful Networking Opportunities because people from all over the world get admission into Ivy league, low acceptance rate is a big reason for great network

2. World-Class Resources like research facilities, libraries as the colleges spend huge amount of money in maintenance of these

3. Higher Starting Salaries in job because ivy league colleges are one of the top universities of the world like Harvard or Princeton or Yale &  It is at least 30 to 40% higher than the national average salary of American universities

4. You also get 100% need-based scholarships based upon your financial circumstances in all ivy league colleges

5. Lots of clubs & sports competitions and every student can join & participate in more than 100 different sports and clubs and extracurricular activities in ivy league

6. Amazing faculty & professors, You can spend a lot of time with your professors and learn a lot from them

7. Lots of courses & programmes, You can definitely find your ideal course in ivy league

These are the reasons why you should be joining Ivy League, check all the pros and cons of joining the ivy league clicking below.