5 common RV problems

Although there are variances in amenities, size, weight, build materials, and general quality and durability among RVs, they all have some "issues" in common that need to be resolved.

so the common RV problems are 1. Water Lines/Water Pump Issues

Emptying your water tanks before storing your RV is a good idea to avoid damage to your pump or bursting pipes from the expansion that occurs when water turns to ice.

2. Toilet Issues Water not staying in or running continuously in the toilet bowl due to the valve or rubber seal issues are some frequent problems with RV toilets.

3. Tire Issues Tires are extremely prone to damage from road debris, normal use wear and tear, and non-use damage.

Tire blowouts are a typical problem with recreational vehicles, which should come as no surprise given that everyday drivers experience tire problems despite weighing considerably less than most RVs.

4. Roof And Window Issues

5. User Issues It's very likely that you'll overlook taking down an awning, unhooking a hose, or even leaving a slide-out in the open position. If and when it does, simply remember that you are not by yourself in this.