5 best class C RV

1. Coachmen Freelander Length: 27’5″ Freshwater capacity: 50 gallons Greywater capacity: 31 gallons Black water capacity: 31 gallons Starting Price: $109,940

2 Tiffin Wayfarer Length: 25’8” Freshwater capacity: 25 gallons Greywater capacity: 36 gallons Blackwater capacity: 28 gallons Starting price: $205,278

3 Winnebago View Length: 25’6” Freshwater capacity: 30 gallons Greywater capacity: 41 gallons Blackwater capacity: 41 gallons Starting Price: $196,152

4 Jayco Redhawk Length: 25’2″ Freshwater capacity: 43 gallons Greywater capacity: 40 gallons Blackwater capacity: 32 gallons Starting Price: $116,768

5 Forest River Forester LE Length: 23’10” Freshwater capacity: 35 gallons Greywater capacity: 32 gallons Blackwater capacity: 27 gallons Starting Price: $95,979

Build quality, towing capacity, warranty, reviews, dealership, manufacturer and feel of the rv are some factors to look for when getting an RV

Awning problems Interior panel finishing and trim coming loose Screws loosening up inside and out Broken water heater Busted plumbing valves are some common issues you would face with Class C rv