5 Best Car Shipping Companies in the USA

1. Fidelity Auto Shipping

2. Montway Auto Transport

3. Nexus Auto Transport 4. AutoStar Transport Express

5. AmeriFreight

pricing, reviews and ratings, insurance coverage, car carriers' network and shipping services are some things you should look at in car shipping companies before selecting one.

What is the time frame for shipping a car? Your shipping distance for the car will determine this. In general, the car will take longer to get to its destination the further you ship it.

Your car might be delivered in as little as one day when shipping within the same state. Shipping from one side of the country to the other could take up to two weeks.

Is shipping a car worth the money spent? It will most likely be less expensive to move your car than to temporarily rent one if you intend to stay in your destination for a while. The most economical way to ship an automobile is on an open-air carrier.