5 Best Air Conditioners For Your RV

1. Coleman Mach 15+: Best Overall

2. Dometic Brisk II: Best Value for a Smaller RV

3. Dometic Brisk II (B59516.XX1J0): Best Value for a Larger RV

4. Coleman Mach 3+: Best If You Need a Heater on a Budget

5. RecPro RP-AC2801: Best Low-Profile Model

How much of an air conditioner does my RV need? While you don't want to overspend for a unit with more capacity than you require, you also don't want to purchase one that is insufficient for your purposes.

Most RVs will likely need a model with 13,500 BTUs in moderate climates.

However, if you have a larger RV and intend to travel through hot, humid regions, search for a unit with a higher cooling capacity, such as one that can produce 15,000 BTUs or more per hour.

By purchasing a unit with less cooling capability, you can frequently save a few dollars when driving smaller RVs in moderate climates.