11 things to know before moving to North Carolina

1. There is a huge craze for a basketball games in the state

2. You can also find huge popularity of barbecue in the state Just like basketball

3. You can also find lots of amazing and beautiful-looking waterfalls in the state

4. The state is very diverse in terms of population

5. There are lots of outdoor activities you can do like hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, boating, tubing, kayaking, etc

6. The weather is mild 7. That is one of the growing economies, You can find plenty of jobs in the state

8. There are also lots of world-class university colleges present in the state

9. Even the cost of living in the state is relatively on the lower side as compared to other states

10. There are also lots of cultural attractions like art museums galleries theatres and music festivals

11. You can also find lots of amazing healthcare facilities and hospitals in the state