11 best banks in Florida and their total branches

To find the best fit for your needs, compare a variety of Florida banks. Think about which accounts and features are most important for YOU.

Avoid banks that have high fees or that don't provide easy access to your funds or help.

If you can't find a bank that satisfies all of your demands, use several and pick one. so the best banks in Florida in terms of branches are,

1. Wells Fargo Bank- 517 total branches 2. Truist Bank- 466 total branches

3. Bank of America - 452 4. Chase Bank-414 5. Regions Bank- 278

6. PNC Bank- 195 7. TD Bank- 158 8. Fifth Third Bank-155

9. SouthState Bank- 116 10. Synovus Bank- 90 11. Centennial Bank- 88

best banks in terms of customer service are, 1. Regions Bank 2. Fifth Third Bank 3. Chase

4. PNC 5. TD Bank 6. Citibank 7. Wells Fargo