10 Things to know before moving to Georgia

1. 18 fortune 500 companies are located in Georgia including Coca-Cola home depot etc

2. There are lots of kid-friendly attractions in Georgia like aquariums beaches and zoo

3. There are lots of national changes and local food joints, and fast food centers present in Georgia

4. Traffic can be very bad in Georgia, especially on the airport route 5. Beaches of Georgia are also very beautiful and stunning

6. The politics of the state is divided between left and right as the capital Atlanta is left-centric and the remaining cities of the state are right centric

7. Summers can get very hot and temperatures rise quite high

8. Buying a house is quite affordable in Georgia as compared to other cities and States of the country 9. The peaches you get to eat in Georgia are literally amazing

10. Most of the people living in Georgia are sports fans