10 things to know before moving to Denver

1. The cost of living in the state is increasing and it is neither too cheap nor too expensive

2. Because of the high altitude the weather can be very unpredictable sometimes

3. You must apply sunscreen before moving out because of the high altitude you can get high sunlight

4. There are lots of amazing parks, gardens, and green spaces you can find in the City

5. Your neighborhood dictates your experience in the city 6. You can find some amazing food to eat in Denver like Mexican food, Vietnamese and Ethiopian food, etc

7. Most Denverites are quite welcoming and friendly to newcomers, and the population of the city is growing quite rapidly

8. You should expect high traffic if you want to enjoy Skiing in areas near Denver on weekend 9. People in Denver are mad with sports

10. It is also a great city for biking as you can get one and move around on your bike and there are many biking trails