9 reasons why starting a podcast is worth it in 2022

1. Audio content is more easier to consume as compared to video and text, It is growing bigger and bigger every year

2. You can position yourself as authority and expert in your industry

3. There is not a lot of competition in podcast as compared to video and text content

4. There is a deeper level of connection between the audience and creator, It is just more personal

5. You can just start your podcast for less than $200

6. You can create long form of content that can change the life of people and impact millions worldwide

7. You can learn several skills like communication and networking

8. You can make a lot of money by podcasting through sponsorships and brand deals

9. You can learn several new things and get lots of memories by meeting new people and grow your network

These are some important reasons to start a podcast, You can check out all the pros and cons of starting a podcast in detail clicking below.