3 reasons why BA is good degree for UPSC & IAS

So you are one among millions of students who are dreaming to become an IAS officer one day clearing UPSC exams.

The secret to cracking UPSC exams is preparing early and preparing hard.

In such a case, you can leverage your under graduation degree as the preparation time by selecting the subjects which are included in the UPSC exams syllabus & also help you during the preparation time in UPSC exams.

So in this article let’s take a look at why I believe bachelor of arts is a good degree for UPSC and IAS aspirants by taking a look at three important reasons to back my statement.

For example there are many IAS toppers including Tina dabi who got their under graduation from BA.

So let’s get started.

3 reasons why BA is good for IAS?

1.    Availability of time 

The number one benefit you have if you do bachelor of arts is the availability of time after attending college.

Normal timings of majority of the colleges and universities for bachelor of arts students is from 9 AM to 2 PM at maximum.

Because of this reason you can come back home after attending the college and start your preparation for UPSC civil service examination or even go to coaching classes of IAS near by your college and university.

Unlike other under graduation subjects like BSc and BCom you don’t have to complete any assignments and projects in BA in majority of case, 

you can utilise that time in preparation of UPSC and this can give you a lot of advantage to compete and defeat all those people who are going to be your competition when you will attend UPSC exams.

You can also start reading newspapers after getting back home because you can have ample amount of time to prepare for UPSC exams everyday even after attending the college.

You can also do many other things like read NCERT books and write essay answers and prepare for UPSC exams.

For more information you can read my guide on how to prepare for UPSC after 12th.

2.    Knowledge

The second main advantage of selecting bachelor of arts in your under graduation is the knowledge that you get.

For example if you select history political science and public administration as your main subjects in in your bachelor of arts degree.

Then it can help you a lot in when you are preparing for UPSC exams especially in the mains exam along with prelims.

For example in the prelims exam, there are 2 papers, one is of main subjects and other one is CSAT and apptitude test.

In main paper of prelims, the subjects included are,

  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.
  • Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.

And much more.

If you have history and political science and public administration as your main subjects in bachelor of arts in under graduation.

You can get good knowledge about all the subjects and you can have high percentage of clearing the prelims exam because we can see history of India and Indian National movement and Indian polity and governance and public administration are important subjects which are included in prelims exam.

And now let’s talk about mains exam which is the second stage of UPSC exams.

If you have taken history and political science and public administration as your main subjects, in mains exam general studies paper 1 and 2 cover majority of the topics related to those subjects.

For example in General Studies paper I contains Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the World & Society subjects & in General Studies paper II contains Governance, Constitution, Welfare Initiatives, Social Justice & International Relations subjects.

And since you already preparing for UPSC from first year of degree, you can start reading newspapers and get a good knowledge and Idea regarding current affairs from the start which can also help you a lot in cracking both prelims and mains successfully with good marks.

 This is another advantage because you can have the main subjects of civil service examination which are history, political science, geography and 

economics as your main subjects in degree which can give you a strong foundation and edge over others who are just starting to study history subjects but do not have the proper foundation in their undergraduation.

At the same time you can also consider history as your optional subjects in the mains exam which can also help you get good knowledge and clear other papers like general studies 1,2 and essay paper if you have taken history as your main subject in under graduation.

3.    Low Costs 

Another big advantage of choosing bachelor of arts in your undergraduation is that the college fees for these degrees are low.

for example if you get admission into a government college nearby of your location for BA, depending upon your caste reservations you can have to pay anywhere between 1000-6000 rs per year and since this degree is 3 years long, you can complete your undergraduation for less than 10000 rs.

At the same time if you get admission in a private college you might have to pay somewhere between 15000 to 50000 rupees per year for BA.

On average you can expect to pay 25000 rupees per year in order to get admission in the top private colleges in your city for BA degree, of course because the private colleges are not aligned with government so the prices will vary depending upon the location and institutions.

In that case as well, you can complete your under graduation in less than 100000 INR in 3 years in the majority of private colleges in India.

At the same time depending upon your caste reservations you can also get scholarship from the Government of your state of x amount of rupees every year.

Because you will be saving a lot of money in your undergraduation you can then invest that money in purchasing good quality books for UPSC exams or get IAS coaching classes and mock tests.

Because of these 3 main reasons, I believe BA is still one of the best degrees you should get to become IAS but I want to make it very clear that just because

you have taken bachelor of arts degree does not necessarily mean that you will become an IAS officer for sure and just because you haven’t undergraduated from BA, you can’t crack UPSC, as a matter of fact still majority of the UPSC aspirants who crack the exams belong to engineering background.

This shows that you can still clear the exam if you work hard and show your dedication and determination but I believe,

 your under graduation can definitely help in clearing the exams faster compared to others because majority of the subjects in bachelor of arts can give your strong foundation as they are included in the UPSC syllabus as well..

With that said let’s conclude the blog.


So these are all the reasons why I believe bachelor of arts is the best course you should choose if you only want to become IAS.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about bachelor of arts degree for UPSC exams in the comment section below.

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